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Fueled by TechStars, Cleveland startup ExpenseBot ready to launch--somewhere

Edward Buchholz feels more confident than most entrepreneurs at the early stage of a startup, and no wonder. He's a freshly minted product of TechStars, perhaps the nation's most esteemed business accelerator, with the venture capital to prove it. Now he's looking for a place to launch.

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Akron drone maker Event 38 attracts GLIDE funding and a welcome in Africa

Event 38, the Akron drone maker that I wrote about in September, is flying ever higher. The young company was just awarded $25,000 from the Innovation Fund of GLIDE, the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise, to expand its eye-in-the-sky capability.

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Akron drone maker and medical venture each nab $25,000 award

Wednesday, the region’s nonprofit Innovation Fund said it has awarded $25,000 to Event 38, as well another Akron startup, BioMendics LLC, which is developing a gel to heal wounds. The fund is designed to help young companies at early stages of development.

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App for collaborating writers wins top prize at ‘Pitch Night’ in Hudson

An online app called Beegit, which is designed to make it easier for writers to work together on a project, won the top prize in the second annual Pitch Night business competition Thursday in Hudson. Beegit LLC, a startup headquartered in Cleveland, won $3,000 in the business idea competition akin to ABC TV’s Shark Tank.

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This Wristband Wants To Replace All Of Your Keys And Passwords

Chris Wentz was just finishing up his stint at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, when he found himself working on a group project for an entrepreneurship class. The assignment was pretty open ended: Come up with any business idea.

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Zumby: A teeth-cleaning dog toy

We've all heard the phrase "dog breath." Dogs don't brush their teeth like humans do, and sometimes their breath gets pretty stinky. But now, a Cleveland-based company hopes to change that with a new toy, called "Zumby." Paul Ruflin of Animal Oralectrics and Kelly Gentile, as well as their dog, Hippo, stopped by WKYC to explain.

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