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GLIDE's executives and advisors are entrepreneurs themselves. They have launched their own businesses and can give you the benefit of their practical experience.

Cliff Reynolds

As Co-Director of GLIDE, Cliff is responsible for the planning, organizing, and directing of all GLIDE’s activities. Cliff’s responsibilities include managing support services for entrepreneurs including first level assessments, a comprehensive resource network and providing business counseling to GLIDE client companies.

Dennis Cocco

Dennis Cocco is Co-Director of GLIDE and responsible for developing marketing and technology-based business strategies in support of GLIDE. His responsibilities include identifying and recruiting technology-based start-up companies to locate within GLIDE, which is an Ohio Edison Technology Incubator. He also coordinates the delivery of Entrepreneurial Expert services in support of the Entrepreneurial Signature Program as well as providing support services for entrepreneurs and providing business counseling to GLIDE client companies.

Russell Donda

Currently serving as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) for medical device and biosensor technologies at GLIDE, BioEnterprise and JumpStart, Russell Donda has more than 25 years of management experience at both executive and entrepreneurial levels. As an EIR, he helps company founders assess the commercial feasibility of their technology; with that feasibility confirmed, he assists in creating and implementing their development plan and ushers them through the local seed funds.

John Rastetter

John provides oversight for the Innovation Fund’s award agreements and quarterly reporting for the fund. He advises applicants on their business strategy and the overall application process. He works with the Innovation Fund award recipients to finalize their award agreements and project milestones. He has 39 years of experience in various financial positions focused on manufacturing operations, budgeting, forecasting and strategic planning. Prior to his retirement in 2009 he was Treasurer for a Fortune 500 company located in the greater Cleveland Ohio area.