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SPR Therapeutics Revolutionizes Pain Relief with New Medical Device

How SPR Therapeutics is Changing the Game with new Nerve Stimulation Technology 


 Currently in the midst of an opiod crisis, patients and doctors have been looking far and wide to discover a solution that could offer less invasive surgeries as well as less harmful side effects. This is where SPR Therapeutics takes over. Their transformative new medical device, the Sprint PNS System, is aiming to become the new standard of care for those who are trying to relieve nerve pain. The Sprint PNS System works by electronically stimulating the patient's nerves, and calming overactive pain signals to the brain. The device is a 60 day insert specifically designed to deliver radical and prolonged pain relief. The Sprint PNS System has the potential to tranform the lives of many people currently suffering with chronic pain. The device already has clinically proven results, with 74% of patients treated with SPRINT reporting a 50% reduction in pain intensity or pain interference.

 For Founder Maria Bennet, witnessing people with chronic pain whose lives have been improved by her device is the driving force behind the company. In an article with TechOhio, Bennet is quoted saying; “I remember one of the times that I saw a patient being treated with SPRINT,” said Bennett. “This particular patient had a lower extremity amputation, and the device was being placed to treat the patient’s residual limb pain and their phantom limb pain. The device was turned on and he said, ‘I feel it.’ We said, ‘Well, where do you feel it?’ He said, ‘I feel that where my foot used to be, and it is helping my pain.’ It was very impactful because phantom limb pain is one of the most difficult types of pain to treat.”

As far as potential company growth, Bennet is optimistic, telling TechOhio quote; “We are really changing people’s lives. That’s what motivates us here,” said Bennett. “We’re a passionate organization and we constantly remind ourselves that growing and being entrepreneurs is never a straight path. There are a lot of twists and turns. We have to be prepared for that, but I know we have a team that’s empowered and excited about what we’re doing.”


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