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Technology Transfer


Innovative technologies are often thought to be spun out of university-based research labs. But at GLIDE, we know that creativity and innovation isn’t limited to universities. The creative process is everywhere, and every day, new technologies are born within our community. That’s why GLIDE works closely with the LCCC Innovation Foundation’s new, Office of Community Technology Transfer.

The Office of Community Technology Transfer

The Innovation Foundation’s Office of Community Technology Transfer (OCTT) is the place to start if you have an invention or idea that could benefit people. The OCTT can assist innovative thinkers in Northeast Ohio with the patenting and commercialization process, and can help them turn their ideas into job-creating companies.

The OCTT’s custom approach to community technology transfer includes three steps:

  1. Application: You’ll submit a confidential online questionnaire about your innovation. Our Policy with you incudes our duty of confidentiality, so trust that, right from the start, your invention will not be shared or disclosed to others as set forth in the Policy.
  2. Assessment: The OCTT will vet your idea and then let you know whether or not it believes a provisional patent application should be pursued.
  3. Advancement: If the outcome warrants it, and only with your agreement, the OCTT will file and cover the cost of a provisional patent application, on behalf of Lorain County Community College’s Innovation Foundation.

Once a provisional patent application is filed, the OCTT’s Proactive Launch Program can help you turn your patent-pending idea into a growing business.


Click here for more information about the Office of Community Technology Transfer or begin the online application.