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Support Services for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

GLIDE’s experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide professional business advice to entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio, helping them wrap sound business practices around good business ideas. We focus on the business process, not specific technologies, and help companies at every stage of development. Our support services can provide any business or potential business with the tools and resources needed to navigate toward commercial success. Learn more about Business Assistance, Incubator Space, Access to Funding, Access to Resources, Student Interns, and Technology Transfer.

Business Assistance

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GLIDE's business assistance is focused on the business development process and ensures that all ideas, companies, and entrepreneurs have a place to go for assessment, advice and direction. Learn More »

Incubator Space

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GLIDE's technology incubator space, located in the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center offers a sophisticated business environment with amenities that help companies function efficiently and effectively. Learn More »

Access to Funding

Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio
Northeast Ohio's seed funding landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. There are many types of funding available to entrepreneurs, but finding the right seed funding for your business can be difficult. GLIDE can help you decide what funding source is best for you and then navigate you through the application process. Learn More »

Access to Resoucres


GLIDE is one of the longest standing members of the Northeast Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem and we use our relationships with entrepreneurial resource providers to connect entrepreneurs to existing entrepreneurial support organizations and resources from with our extensive network. Learn More »

Student Interns

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Because GLIDE is located on the Lorain County Community College campus, we have access to student interns suitable for your entrepreneurial company. Learn More »

Technology Transfer

LCCC OCTT Collaborators

The Innovation Foundation’s Office of Community Technology Transfer can assist innovative thinkers in Northeast Ohio with the patenting and commercialization process, and can help them turn their ideas into job-creating companies. Learn More »