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Hyr Medical is the New Platform for Physician Freelancing

Similar to how Uber connects passengers to drivers and Airbnb links guests to hosts, a startup in Cleveland is developing technology to bring together physicians with hospitals and medical practices.

Hyr Medical, a pre-seed health care technology startup, has created an online platform for physician freelancing in an effort to deliver a more efficient, transparent, cost-effective way to connect doctors to places to practice.

Some physicians pick up extra shifts on the side to make additional income or help out as needed. Also, as millennials seek a different work-life balance, and older physicians head toward semi-retirement, many doctors are increasingly looking to freelance full-time, said Manoj Jhaveri, co-founder and CEO of Hyr.

The freelance market for health care practitioners is about a $15 billion industry that Jhaveri said he expects will grow exponentially.

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Last modified on Monday, 14 October 2019 13:13